“Our mission is to provide to the Greater Fairbanks community equitable educational, vocational, Recreational, and social activities.” 


“Our goals are to target the needs of low-income families, ‘high-risk’ youth, and senior citizen populations; assist in a community strategy of developing community members to be skilled and ready to meet life challenges; train and educate all ages and cultures in a safe and supportive environment.”


“At JP Jones Center, we recognize that our people represent our strongest competitive advantage and our greatest sustainable

resource. For this reason, we view diversity as a core value and business imperative. Diversity and inclusion produce an engaged workforce that more closely mirrors the community JP Jones serves, better positioning us to anticipate and meet community needs.”



In the 1980’s, concerned citizens in the South Fairbanks area began lobbying the Fairbanks City Council for the approval and active support of a Community Center. This group became known as the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Fairbanks (IMAF). The City secured State and Federal grant funds for the construction of the South Side Community Center (SSCC). After completion in 1985, the building was leased to IMAF to operate the facility for the benefit of citizens in South Fairbanks.

The original purpose for the Center was to accommodate the recreational needs of youth and to provide low or no-cost meeting space for community groups and programs. However, a lack of operating and maintenance funds led IMAF to seek support from the City to convert excess construction funds into operating capital. This was approved and deposited into a City managed Enterprise Fund. The Fund was invested and the interest, along with rental income, was deposited into a City managed checking account to provide the fiscal stability needed to sustain the operation of the Center.

IMAF continued to manage the Center for neighborhood activities and community social services with the help of an Advisory Board to oversee maintenance and administrative tasks. On October 26, 2002, the Center was renamed the JP Jones Community Development Center (JPJCDC) after James (JP) Jones. After experiencing obstacles and racial injustices, JP became committed to the cause of racial harmony. He led the effort through his involvement with the NAACP and by his dedicated efforts towards ensuring racial and economic equality for all. JP Jones passed peacefully at age 90 on November 2, 2002.

By 2005, a much needed expansion and facelift led to the City procuring 1.6 million in funding through HUD and state grants. The work on the building began in 2006 and was completed by the end of 2007. Meanwhile, the Advisory Board recruited a new Board of Directors to manage the JPJCDC and to develop much needed funding sources. IMAF holds a seat on the Board.

The City deeded the JP Jones Community Development Center to IMAF on August, 12, 2012. The Board hired an Executive Director in October 2013. JPJCDC encourages businesses, groups and individuals to do business with the Center for your event needs. By doing business with us, you help us to continue to offer programs that meet the needs of our seniors, at-risk youth and low income populations.

Meet Our Board

Pastor Scott Mench


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Pastor Matthew Hampton

Vice President

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Pastor Mark Howeshell


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Pastor Mark Howdeshell

Treasurer, Vacant 

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Pastor Cleve Bartley


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Pastor Mark Howeshell


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Pastor Eric Jones

Board Member

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Pastor Johnathan Kenney

Board Member

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Bishop Otis McCormick

President Emeritus, Founding Member  

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Mr. Mike Settleberge, Executive Director